Disney and the A-113 Secret Conspiracy…

Michael Bradley - Time Traveler

Do you know what A-113 is?  Then you might be missing out on something important, or maybe not…  See for yourself:

Disney Has Been Hiding Something From You In Plain Sight. I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Notice It Before

 Does the code “A113″ ring a bell? It probably doesn’t, but odds are good that you’ve seen several of these movies where it was used for some small detail. Pixar has used the number in many of their films, but what’s the meaning behind it? Let’s take a look:

Does this code look familiar? It’s the license plate of Andy’s mom in Toy Story, but that’s not the only Pixar movie you’ve seen it in.


There was also that box in A Bug’s Life…


The diver’s camera from Finding Nemo…


The coordinates of Mr. Incredible’s cell in The Incredibles…


On a train and Mater’s license plate in Cars…



On a tag…

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Shugo Chara for begginers : all you need to know (Pictures are in chibi form)

  Main characters :

Above is Amu Hinamori she has three guardian  characters Ran,Miki,Su,and Dia (In season 2) .She is also the Joker’s chair in Seiyo Academy.

Tadase Hotori : He is one of Amu’s crushes and his guardian character is Kiseki.His picture is below.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi:He is a member of Easter. Amu has a crush on him. His guardian character is Yoru.

Utau Hoshina : She is Ikuto’s younger sister.She is a member of Easter . She is a model turned singer. Hoshina is her stage name.Her guardian characters are Il and El,and X Dia.

Other Characters :

Nadeshiko Fujisaki : She is the Queen’s chair of Seiyo Academy . Her guardian character is Temari.

Nagihiko Fujisaki : He is the New Jack’s chair .His guardian character is Rhythm.He is not Nadeshiko’s twin.Nadeshiko is just Nagi cross dressing.

Since he has no chibi picture I got this instead.

Yaya Yuiki : She is the Ace Chair . She is known for acting immature like a baby. Her guardian character is Pepe.

Rima Mashiro : She is the new Queen’s chair.She likes Comedy. Her guardian character is KusuKusu.She is petite.

Kukai Soma/Souma : He is the former Jack’s chair.His guardian character is Daichi.

Kairi Sanjo : He is the younger brother of Utau’s manager Yukari Sanjo. He is a member of Easter along with his sister.His Guardian character is Musashi.

Lulu DeMorcef Yamamoto :

She is a member of Easter. She is from France. Her gusrdian character is Nana.


Here are the shugo chara (guardian character)



FROM The top to bottom :Ran,Miki,Su,Dia

Yoru                                                              El                                                              Il

Kiseki                                                                                                 Temari                           


From top to bottom : X Dia ,Nana,Rhythm,Musashi,Pepe

And you should know the theme song 🙂

RamenKid out!